About us

Our company is engaged in the construction of low-current networks since 2000. We design, construct and on demand, maintain surveillance systems, computer networks, telecommunication systems or the complete low-current network of a building. Thanks to the coordinated work of our team of specialists, our customers will be handed over a turn-key project of the already set up and tested and networks. Upon request, we will set up and install workstations as well.

After having finished the implementation, we provide supervision and maintenance of the networks on contractual basis. Our customers can choose between on-call or lump sum contracts. Advantages of a lump-sum contract are, that for a fixed amount you have the security and certainty your systems are working properly, furthermore your expenses are plannable. On-call contracts on the other hand reduce your IT operation expenses to the lowest amount possible.  Our colleagues are ready to be at your service even on weekends and on holidays. 


hálózatok IT eszközök szerverfelügyelet egyedi szoftver





Implementation of IT networks, telecommunication and surveillance system.

Do you need a new workstation on even wish to upgrade your IT equipments? We can help you to make best possible choice of equipments for you and your company. 

System administrator services for small, medium and large enterprises, organizations.

We create a software, exclusively for you, that will fit in with your company’s profile perfectly. tell us what data it should store, which statistics or queries you will need and we develop the program for you! 


Survey, in order to offer advice and requests please contact us, our colleagues appear to you and offer tailor made within a short period of time!

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